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September 21 & 22 Classroom Visit & Follow-up Workshop

September 21st & 22nd You are welcome to visit my classes for free at almost anytime! Contact me to schedule it The cost for this registration is for the Saturday workshop. Both days we meet from 8:30-3:15. During workshop: Participants will: explore the common elements in each of the 4 lessons previously observed discuss the lessons that led up to classes being observed and what would come next practice planning similar lessons for own students Identify how the classroom established a safe-zone for risk taking and how to apply those principles ( lowering affective filter) Identify current target language use in the classroom as well as possible obstacles. discover how understanding the ACTFL proficiency guidelines and can allow us to align our expectations with what students can do and support our target language only classroom. observe and experience strategies for engaging students with movement & play. discuss how to incorporate reading and writing in 100% TL that is comprehensible. learn how to give instructions 100% TL that is comprehensible through visuals and modeling. leave with a variety of tools and activities to implement. set short-term and long-term goal for target language use in their classroom.


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Workshop Details

Date & Time
8:30 - 3:15

Innovation Academy Charter School


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