Upcoming Presentations

March 2018: "Portfolios, Assessment and Feedback", Wayland Public School, MA

April 2018: Keynote presentation, Desk-Free to Mix it Up With Movement, Hong Kong International School

October 2018: MaFLA 2018, Community Building & Play in the Target Language 3-Hour Workshop

Past Presentations


ACTFL National Convention 2015 , San Diego, CA

ACTFL National Convention 2016 Co-presenter with Estela Schmalz "Building a Strong Community: A Context for Authentic Communication", Boston, MA

NYSAFLT Summer Institute 2017 "Feedback to Move Forward", Oneonta, NY

NYSAFLT Summer Institute 2017 "Team Challenges in the Target Language", Oneonta, NY

ACTFL National Convention 2017 Co-presenter "Mixing it Up with Movement", Nashville, TN

ACTFL National Convention 2017 "Feedback to Move Forward", Nashville, TN

MAFLA Conference "Feedback to Move Forward", Springfield, MA

September 2017: Teachers visit IACS on September 22nd to see us in action

NECTFL Conference 2018 "Best of MA: Team Challenges in The Target Language", New York, NY

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