About Ashley

AshleyAshley is best known for creating and hosting the Inspired Proficiency podcast that launched in February 2018. Ashley transformed her classroom In 2012, by pushing all of the desks and English out of the way. When she made space for students to move and interact while leaving the English at the door, she saw increased engagement and proficiency from her students. Her colleagues soon began hearing the Spanish in the hallways and wanted to know more about this shift in approach. The following year, the entire team embraced a desk-free, proficiency-based classroom.

Since then, Ashley has inspired and coached teachers through her blog, social media, classroom visits, and through presentations at ACTFL conventions, including ACTFL '15 "A Proficiency Journey". She has also facilitated a variety of workshops since 2014, involving her students in the process whenever possible.

In addition to her work with Desk-Free: Inspired Coaching & Collaboration, Ashley teaches 6-8th grade Spanish and is the team Curriculum Coordinator at Innovation Academy Charter School in Tyngsboro, MA.

Ashley is available to work with you or your department to help you meet your goals.

While she often works with World Language Teachers, many of her areas of focus are also relevant for other content areas.

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